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It's not about the money. It is difficult to get people that say they have values to think reasonably and logically, and that's just odd, so I'll just try to explain it... again. Imagine that you are Phil. When you walk in for an interview with a MAJOR established fashion publication for men, you are surrounded by teams of people. "PR" folk, publicists, reputation management folks, a makeup artist and even a script supervisor. There are people assigned to handle you, and you have given up your right to depart from the script a long time ago. Your free will has been removed from you. Then, imagine that this is a world of endless editing and perfection to the point that "Fifty Shades of Grey" had mistakes added in to make it seem like the trilogy was written by one person that's a first-time author. There's no proof that this was a live-taped interview, and since GQ does NOT wave the magic wand of fame and influence for Phil or for A&E, his comments could have been edited far in advance. His words were partially scripted, and the intentions of all of this are working. Gullible 'christian' people are believing that they've won some victory of A & E. Do you know the entities control A & E? You looked it up in google? What'd it say? What'd wikipedia say? You'll find answers wherever you look, but will they be the real answers?