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This will make you angry: Where did the ideas come from?... You know, the jet propulsion, nuclear energy and other 'stuff' @Dalrock PR campaign could help a good deal Yes, but I've never met a 'christian' that has any concept of the depth of such campaigns. It's not called PR, but it's good that most people are unaware of the hidden industries that shift mass thought. Some entities pull the strings, and then armies implement the magic that guarantees the fame of people -- the mass acceptance of concepts and ideas. The ones pulling the strings nope, not referring to what people call 'elites' would never waste time trying to rear any 'christian' in the world of PR magic. It wouldn't be worth the investment since 'christians' are universally perceived as lazy and generally foolish by the entities that are actually in charge. Since 'christians' are afraid to understand that this is a spiritual world, they do not tap into the power of God. That's too bad. Everyone should continue to hash out proposed solutions to all of this since it's the stuff of laughter to the entities in charge. That's why they fund all the tribes, charades like left-right-other. To them, it's all pitiful since they can't believe that 'christians' fail to tap into the power they have as explained in Mark Five Thirteen. Don't take my word for it, I just work here. James Taranto has a deal as Matt Walsh and Jenny Erikson have deals. They are funded to represent certain sets of views some people will agree with, while at the same time, they are branding illusions that keep people from opening their eyes to the real truth. Why is James Taranto allowed to write some truth about marriage and men opting out of prepping for supporting a family, etc? It's simple. He's assigned to agree with a lot of obvious issues as long as he writes with the assumption that 'elites' care about that revenue. The obvious truth, however, is that tax and debt come in other forms, like inflation. Taranto isn't pushing the limits of his career. He's acting out the 'tax revenues are used to fund the welfare state and the system' narrative. His writing keeps people from educating themselves on where the taxes really go. He keeps people from thinking about the definition of money in general, and what's actually going on. His writing is a pacifier... for adult WSJ readers. He's assigned to put the whole tax issue into your mind because of what's coming in 2014. Like Tarantino, Taranto's work has a lot of truth in it. The readers will say, "This Taranto is not like any other writer in the mainstream media, his work has a lot of real-life truth in it." They'll miss the deeper meaning behind the articles. In the conversation, the talking points will maintain the illusion that tax revenues actually pay for the system. Tax revenues do not. What about that 70% tax bracket? @FH this is their plan and it's working to a 'T' Yes, exactly. Why? There's no opposition except that which has been invented by the entities that rule the power of the air. The notion of 'elites' is another culture created 'reality' (magic trick) played on those that will accept such notions as truth. Wait what people? Um, the people going round and round about this stuff as if human logic will solve it. The talking points here can be compared to sports (pacifier for adult humans) people waste life watching. It's simple tribalism, and it's easier than ever to get people to believe they're powerless against invented groups of people. Humans focus on other humans they've never met in person. The real battles are invisible. What persons are these 'elites' everyone is referring to? I laugh every time a name of someone I know is mentioned. They would tell you they aren't in control. They're actually not. The 'elites' are not the demons they script makes them out to be. However, the entities that rule the power of the air remain baffled to see 'christians' ignore the power depicted in Mark Five Thirteen. Good job. Stay distracted! Keep ignoring it, and keep ignoring existing technologies that are demonstrated for you in IMAX 3D. It's in a movie, so it can't be real, right? if the mood by myself 0:58you the answers your you know the answer to our real own in the universe 1:02just spurt in English signs :09I have to believe that you were sent here for a reason and even if it takes 1:13divers your life 1:17to yourself to find out recent yes 1:22how do you find someone who spent a lifetime covering his tracks 1:27for some 1:28guardian angel 1:31brothers a ghost never quite fit in 1:37you will give the people an ideal strive towards 1:42will respond 1:44hostile 1:46fall 1:48time 1:51join you in a song 1:54and time 1:55it will help them 1:57accomplish one 2:19my father believed if were found at work 2:23project 2:25he was convinced at the world wasn't ready 2:30what do you think 'Man Of Steel'